About us


Viking Canal Boats Ltd is a UK company operating from our head-office based in Chelmsford. Our production shipyard located in Poland specialises in the construction of Narrowboats and WideBeam boats for sale of the highest standard.

Since Viking Canal Boats conception in 2007 we have grown rapidly and are expanding our operations to satisfy the increasing demand for our vessels. Using highly skilled employees with unrivalled experience we are excelling in the UK canal boats building industry. We provide our customers with boats built to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality utilising the best quality materials and engineering components. 


Why are we called Viking?

The Viking’s shipyard is based in the town of Wolin where the ancient fort of Vineta was situated. For a long period of time Vineta was home to explorers, warriors, merchants and pirates called the Vikings.

With the Viking name we guarantee that our canal boats, each one distinctly decorated with a dragon head, will proudly serve our clients as the Vikings’ long boats served them.

Our goals and priorities

At Viking Canal Boats we strive to offer our customers unparalleled customer service along with the highest standards of workmanship available.

Our priority is to always ensure that our customers are fully satisfied by providing both an excellent final product that exceeds our customers expectations and the best possible customer service offered in the UK waterways market.

We are constantly looking for the ways to take Viking Canal Boats to the next level and we are now able to offer our new 3D visualisation process and additional nationwide distribution points.

Please contact us now to arrange a no obligation visit to one of our UK based show boats.

Popular Questions and Answers

Is there the possibility of seeing the boat before it is finished?

Yes, we offer and encourage every customer to visit us at our Boatyard in Poland to see how the boat is being built and also discuss all the ongoing details related to your boat. 

What aspects should I take under consideration when I am about to choose the boat type?

The width and length of the boat in relation to the width of the canals where you would like to cruise, locality of where you want to moor your boat (cruising or residential only, boat permanently moored on site). The type of space your require on board, living area, bathroom, berths etc. We can help with informed decisions in all of these areas .

How do you schedule warranty repairs?

Warranty repairs are always scheduled via e-mail, you can contact us at the office, however we always kindly ask that any repair or warranty requests are confirmed by email.  To register your request please send the email to info@vikingcanalboats.com or complete the contact us form.

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