Our canal boat interiors are built to the highest specification

Viking Canal Boats have the best builders with the greatest experience and knowledge, so we can build a perfect boat for you.

If you want to make your dreams come true, then contact us as we offer custom built boats for sale at attractive prices with the highest quality of workmanship. All our boats are luxury, modern, beautiful and built to last.

At the shipyard we put our heart and soul into ensuring that every boat we create is finished to the highest of standards and craftsmanship.

Our company can also assist customers for whom price is an issue. We can offer financial help for the purchasing of our narrowboat or widebeams through our carefully selected partners. 

Every specification of the narrowboat or widebeam canal boat is discussed with the customer prior to the build, down to the smallest detail.

Galley style kitchens to satisfy even the best chefs

Whether you are a budding amateur chef or a professional, we can make you feel at home in our carefully crafted and designed kitchens. It doesn’t even have to be a galley style kitchen if you prefer the feel of open plan, then we can design it.

Narrowboats nowadays are created for people who love modern design and the luxury look. In the 18th century these boats were used for work and now they are used for leisure activities, or for private use.

We strive to provide our customers with all life’s little luxuries at the best possible prices, without compromising on quality. We offer our customers a full choice of fixtures and fittings to suit their lifestyle and their budget, from light switches to washing machines.

We can even design your bathroom in the style of a modern hotel

Our widebeam boats are for people who want to have a luxury and modern boat at an attractive price and of the highest quality.

Whatever you style, we want you to feel that you can live comfortably in luxuriously designed spaces, as if you are staying every night in a luxury hotel or a cosy cottage. The choice is yours.

You can use our canal boats in many different ways; they are perfect for holidays, romantic trips, a party or you can live on board them!  Our boats are so solid and safe you can be sure that every day and night on one, will always be relaxing.

Superior Quality boats, built with the customer in mind