Design Services

Premium design service

After years of successful designing of high quality boats we have made another big step forward providing our clients with a bespoke fit-out option through our new Viking premium design service.. This is an amazing opportunity for those who often dream about captaining their own completely unique custom-designed vessel. Our premium design service allows this tantalising vision to come true. Unleash your inner creativity and fully customise what you would like your boat to look like from colour schemes to actual shapes of the furnishings, in a truly unique way.

Taking advantage of today’s widespread and readily available 3D technology, we can create a full virtual simulation of how your designed boat will look like before the building process even begins. This allows us to fine-tune every detail and see how small changes influence the entire construction.

The standard design process

encompasses the following four points
  1. The client completes the “Customer Requirement Form” (CRF) in which all desired “extras” such as additional accessories or upgrades are selected. The pricing for any extras may be found on the “Extras Price List.”
  2. Viking Canal Boat’s designer sends the client all inner two-dimensional layout proposals for which the customer is to choose one. The customer may opt to send his own layout or to modify our proposals (may be subject to additional surcharges if any “extras” are chosen). Since the layout is only two-dimensional, each cabinet and unit on the diagram must include a short description of any details deemed relevant.
  3. The client receives proposals outlining the placement of all components and electrical elements such as: lights, light switches, outlets… etc. The customer may choose to either accept the design, modify the design or send their own design(s).
  4. After points 1-3 have been confirmed, the VCB designer sends all available colour selections (such as the colour of the flooring or worktops) for the inside and outside of the vessel. Of course, the customer may choose to provide their own colour scheme.

The premium design process

For our especially wave-experienced clientele who often dream about captaining their own completely unique custom-designed vessel, we introduce an option to allow such a tantalising vision to come true. Unleash your inner creativity and fully customise how you would like your boat to look like from the colour schemes to the actual shapes of the furnishings, in a truly unique way.

Taking advantage of today’s wide-spread and readily available 3D technology, we can create a fully virtual simulation of what your boat design will look like before the building process even begins. This allows us to fine-tune every detail and see how small changes influence the entire build – a great advantage which requires no further explanation.

We offer two distinct levels for those interested in our “Premium Design” service:

  • Silver Service Animation Work  – A monochromatic, texture-void 3D scale model of the designed vessel is formed, allowing to tweak simple concepts ranging from room size to furniture type.  This level includes a series of scaled animations which are referred to as “clay models” which allow the client to see the proposed layout in three dimensions. Please take note that the clay models do not include textures. We will include an animation of each room with the camera located in the centre panning 360°.
  • Gold Service Animation Work – This option features not only a full-colour and texture 3D scale model, but it also includes an animation of a virtual walk-through of the canal boat (example included as an attachment). A noteworthy advantage is the fact that with this tier, the level of details is considerably higher. Animation includes a virtual walk from one end of the vessel to the other, entering each room as camera approaches and goes back again. This animation service allows the client to detail any specific features they would like the camera to highlight, the camera path, options to have TV’s playing, doors opening on approach.

Additional options for Gold/or Silver Service Animation:

Cupboard Shelving Detail Image Pack

‘Gold’ or ‘Silver’ Service animation supplied with an image pack showing the shelving and wardrobe details. This image pack will illustrate the internal cupboard and wardrobe doors opened allowing the shelving detail to show through. This application of this service should be made right at the initial animation request as these internal details need to be added as the original boat model is being created.

Specific Focused Animation Work

This option would be used to focus / animate a pre-modeled area of a boat that converts from one item into another. For example a spare room bed which upon requirements converts into an office desk area. This price is based on the VCB119 Spare Bedroom to Office Animation work. The price for different kind of units may be different.